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IdleLogic is a technical blog looking at technology, programming, design and usability experience. This blog looks at some of the experience of its authors around the world of technology and follow their adventure as they learn new things, investigate the technological world, and create new products.

What we love about technology is that it can make your life so much easier, what we hate about technology is that it can make your life so much harder – Technology is a fickle beast. Technology is great when applied correctly, but when applied incorrectly it can be a complete nightmare. Design is key too creating great, usable and effective products which add value and a service which leave you wondering however you possibly lived without it.

About the author

My name is Christopher Peerman, I am a Senior Software Engineer working in England, UK. I’ve always enjoyed playing around with the visual elements of computers and creating things which users will see, touch and use. My belief is that technology should be something that you like to use, which enhances your abilities and your lifestyle. Technology is not something which you have to use, which hinders you, or which leave you feeling angry and hollow.

I graduated from Aberystwyth University, Wales in 2005 with a Master Degree in Software engineering. Since then he has been working on embedded systems including application and Kernel level software. I’m also skilled at low-level development and quite often work under the hood on the developing device drivers, bootloaders and Kernel level software.


  • Why IdleLogic? – IdleLogic is so named because it was written in the authors free time, “idle” time. Logic because computers are “logical”.
  • What’s with the tag line? – “If it ain’t broke, give it time” relates to testing. Something may work for a few hours, days weeks but one day it’ll probably break. This unfortunately happens even with some of the best designed projects.
  • Didn’t this blog used to have a lot of posts on Windows CE? – Yes it did, these are now on my Windows CE blog
  • IdleLogic is not affiliated to any other organisations. If it isn’t idlelogic.wordpress.com it isn’t IdleLogic.

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